Thursday, November 20, 2014

Immensely Educated by the Digestion Sessions from Underground Wellness

I cannot say enough good things about the FREE Digestion Sessions going on right now via the internet thanks to Sean Croxton! The interviews of highly knowledgeable functional medicine doctors and naturopaths are *A M A Z I N G*!

The interviews discuss things like:

--Causes and natural remedies for constipation, GERD, acid reflux
--How anxiety and depression may be rooted in the health of your digestive system

--How to get rid of Candida yeast overgrowth for good

--How stress affects your digestive system

--How to treat and heal IBS and IBD for good

Every interview has offered me *so much more* beyond what I thought it would be about! WOW!

This morning, I was re-thinking how *very much* we ARE what we eat, and we FEEL what we eat. The food we put into our bodies does affect us mentally, physically, emotionally, and relationally. Our "fast food and quick pill, in a hurry" society has lost complete sight of that reality.

Our society thinks we can run to a doctor and get a prescription for a quick pill to fix everything that we feel is wrong while totally ignoring that our entire well-being is heavily tied into what we are putting into our mouths and how well that food is being broken down and used by our bodies. The quick fix pill is usually only covering up symptoms to a more important underlying cause which needs to be addressed. The quick fix pill is not truly fixing anything and will often bring worse problems long term.

Because I struggle with digestive problems, I purchased these sessions and watch them at my own pace. Not only that, but I also get access to bonus material and am able to print all the interview transcripts! This has been one of THE BEST investments I have ever made!

Please don't miss this FREE event, or even better yet, buy these sessions!  I am not getting anything for promoting these.  I'm promoting them because I care about helping others achieve better health.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Digestive Problems Series hosted by Sean Croxton

Since I personally struggle with digestive problems, I am an avid proponent of accessing health information that mainstream doctors don't talk about, tell their patients about, or even know about.  I don't want a pharmaceutical pill to hide symptoms. I believe in getting to the root of the problems in a holistic manner and resolving the issues at the root levels.

Therefore, I am super, duper thrilled about this online series on digestive function!!  If you struggle with any digestive issues (like GERD or acid reflux and many others), please do not let anything stop you from checking out this online series being presented and officially beginning on Sunday, November, 9th.  It is a wealth of helpful information.  

I am so thankful for Sean Croxton's hard work in putting this together and making it available to the public.  

If you miss any of the "live" presentations or want to have access to them over and over again, you can purchase the entire series for a very reasonable price!  Your health is way more valuable than the cost of these sessions.

I am currently viewing and listening to this "preview" right now and find it completely fascinating!!!

The Gut-Brain Axis: Overlooked and Undertreated

Monday, November 3, 2014

VOTE YES on Proposition 105 (Colorado) and Measure 92 (Oregon)

COLORADO and OREGON voters are about to have an opportunity to vote for the labeling of GMO products. 

By now, Colorado voters, have received at least 4-5 large, colorful flyers paid for by Monsanto (the chemical company and makers of Round Up pesticide), Pepsi Co., Kraft, and General Mills which provide you with *misleading* information.  The flyers suggest that voting yes for GMO labeling will be harmful to the farmer and will cause grocery prices to skyrocket.  These are very misleading statements!!