Friday, June 12, 2009

April 2008 through June 2009, Added Notes

This is an addendum to my previous post “April 2008 To Present Day”. I forgot to mention a couple of other things that someone may find helpful.

To help my stomach heal from all the trauma that it had experienced due to low acid conditions and H. Pylori bacteria, I purchased some Aloe Vera juice and began drinking it on a regular basis. You don’t have to take very much, and it is best if you don’t, because it can give you diarrhea. The aloe vera juice also helps my stomach tremendously. Whenever I run out, I tell myself that I should now be fine without it. But within days, I start having stomach pains after meals. I am confused as to why for a couple of days, until it dawns on me again that I have not been taking my aloe vera juice! So I make it a point to have some every day. I have a couple of favorite brands that I use. I used the George’s Aloe Vera for most of the past year and really like this one because it is tasteless. Tastes like water and it was very easy for me to just pour the needed amount into my water jug each day and drink it along with my water throughout the day. Recently I was told that Aloe Life’s Aloe Vera is even better and fresher. So I have been trying that one also. I have a bit more difficulty remembering to take this one because I can’t just pour it into my water jug and instead have to drink it separately since it is flavored. The Cherry Berry flavor is the best.

In addition to the aloe vera juice, I also always keep on hand some papaya pills to aid with digestion as needed. I used to take these all the time, but now only take them if I feel any hint of stomach uneasiness after eating a heavy meal. They also help immensely if I am experiencing any signs of acid reflux.

Hopefully, this is all for now…if I think of something else, well I’ll have to add another post.


  1. Bless you Mary Ann. This information is very valuable

  2. Thank you so much for your blog. In 2004, I had an H. pylori infection. Since then, I've occasional digestive issues along with some other seemingly unrelated problems. A recent diagnosis of idiopathic gastroparesis has had me searching for answers. I have found your blog to provide so much more helpful information and direction than any of the medical industry literature on possible causation and correlation.


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