Saturday, August 22, 2009

FDA's Mercury Ruling Seems Fishy

FDA warns pregnant women about limiting their intake on fish due to mercury content, but cares nothing to warn people about the mercury in amalgam fillings. Hummm....maybe it has to do with the fact that fish don't make money from the mercury they provide or have anything but their little lives to lose; however, the big company(ies) selling mercury-filled amalgam fillings do!

Go to Dr. Mercola's web page for the full scoop on this.

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  1. Hi there. I am praising God to have found your website tonight. I have been having heartburn (severe) and believe that diet is responsible. I also was diagnosed with UC as a teen. I'm a homeschooler! I just had an endoscopy and the doctor wants me on Prilosec and Reglan (scary side effects). I am afraid to tell her I won't take them and your post gave me courage. Thank you! I believe my symptoms are allergy related, but the low HCL may have brought them on. I was taking HCL but gave it up. I am going to keep trying bitter herbs instead and will give aloe vera a try! I am in the very beginning stages of a website: I would love to correspond at melphd (at) aol


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