Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Surrendering to Monsanto and GMO Food

Today, I read in disbelief and with horror, the shocking facts that some of the “organic food industry” companies are selling out to the bio-hazard monster company Monsanto.  Frankly, I am completely disgusted and angered by the recent move to stop fighting against genetically engineered foods and give way for Monsanto to continue to introduce their GE seeds into United States farm lands.  This will bring with it further risk of (and ultimate certain) contamination to the crops of the few farmers left who remain true to organic farming.

I had not known or heard of Monsanto until I watched the DVD called Food, Inc. The moment I learned what Monsanto’s work was all about and how they treated farmers, I was filled with disgust and anger.  

I am furious about what the food industry in the United States has turned into.  It is totally appalling to me what the USDA is allowing the money hungry bio-tech companies to do to our food system and what the consequences of that has been and will be to the American citizens.  All of it done in the name of the mighty dollar! 

It is an OUTRAGE!

Thanks to power hungry, money hungry companies and some of the same type of people in our government, my health and the health of those I care about is in danger.

How can the free people of the United States of America stand by and allow this to happen?  How can we stand by and allow this to be done to us?

Many are being deceived.  Money hungry organizations are now using a “natural food” advertising campaign to keep the wool over the eyes of the American public and deceive them into thinking that if they buy natural foods they are getting something healthy and truly natural.  What a crazy farce most of it is!

It is bad enough that the people’s cry for “cheaper” food has been one of the propagating issues bringing about this food mess.  If cheap food is what people ask for, it is cheap food that they will get.  And I am speaking of a lot of more than price cost.  I am speaking of the quality of the food. 

Many people in the United States do not give a second thought to where the food they are buying has come from, how it was grown, and what it contains.  They have been lulled into some false sense of confidence that surely the USDA and our government would not allow “bad” food to be sold to them.  Ridiculous!  It happens every day; especially, at the big chain markets claiming “lower” prices.  It happens every time someone goes through a McDonald’s drive thru and buys a burger.

We stuff our mouths full of whatever we can afford or whatever we crave or whatever tastes good and are not taking into account the very serious cost and consequences of such careless actions. 

America is the fattest nation in the world.  Why is that?  Because Americans are perfectly happy to eat to their mouth and stomach’s content without thought for the consequences.  The nation is addicted to fast food, sugar, and fat. The food industry continues to introduce crap food that appeals to our physical senses, and people buy without looking at the ingredients or learning more about where the food actually came from and how it was raised, grown, or processed.

Do we really want to continue on in ignorant bliss?  I really hope not.  The money hungry do not care one bit about your health.  The government does not care about your health.  

YOU must care about your health and take charge of it. 

We ARE what we eat.  That’s a fact.  If you eat crap, you are going to feel like crap, and you are going to be highly susceptible to disease.  When you get sick and need medication, then the money hungry pharmaceuticals are going to make their share from your sickness.  What a terrible cycle!  The chemical producing companies like Monsanto make money at our health expense and then the pharmaceutical companies reap the secondary benefits.  Meanwhile, the American citizens lose in every way and pay a very high price.  So when you were buying that “cheap” food, it was actually food with a very high future price tag.  The price paid could even be your life or the life of a loved one.

Please read the following article from Organic Consumers called “The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto:  What Now” and inform yourself of what is happening today.  Do not continue to allow these people to pull the wool over your eyes.

The article mentions that Organic Valley is part of the surrendering.  If so, that would greatly grieve me.  I don’t know.  I received an email from Organic Valley stating “We Stand United in Opposition to GE Alfalfa”. 

If you want to take some action, you can write an online letter to the Obama Aministration. 

For another great resource on better food for life, check out the Slow Food USA website.  Lots of great articles on the site.

As far as I am capable, I will NOT surrender my right to eat healthy, eat truly natural or organic foods, and to be in charge of my health.

May you be empowered to take charge of your health today.

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  1. I think the real question is who is willing to support the farmers while they fight monsanto. How's about starting a citizen for safe food organization to help fight the Monsanto attorneys


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