Monday, February 4, 2013

Regarding the Topic of Parabens, Deodorants, Anti-Perspirants, and Breast Cancer

I often share many informative health articles on The Acid Truth Facebook page.  Last week, I shared a few more articles regarding parabens, deodorants, anti-perspirants and the breast cancer link.  In response, a reader (also a close relative of mine) messaged me letting me know that a friend of hers had sent her a link from the American Cancer Society: Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer Risk. In their article, the American Cancer Society basically says that the link between parabens and cancer and aluminum and Alzheimer’s are a bunch of hogwash and should be ignored and also stated more studies are needed to prove it true.  The reader asked me what my thoughts were about the article.  Here was my reply:

When I get conflicting information, I always look back at the sources of that information. On one hand, we have a host of organizations and medical people who pursue and promote holistic and more natural ways to maintain good health, and they refer to studies that reveal the build-up of parabens in the body may have something to do with an increased incidence of breast cancer.

On the other hand, we have the link you were sent from the American Cancer Society (ACS)  (a mainstream medical related organization) that says it is all hogwash, and women shouldn't be worried it about it. The article angers me even more stating that it is possible the people or organizations suggesting that parabens may increase cancer risk and aluminum may increase Alzheimer’s risks might have something to gain (in selling more natural deodorants) by promoting a falsehood.  What a joke! As I learned by watching the Burzynski Movie, cancer is big, serious business, not natural deodorants.  The ACS also infers that women concerned about breast cancer should stay away from hormone replacement therapy.  While it is true that synthetic hormone replacement therapy can be harmful, there is proof that natural, plant based progesterone replacement can be beneficial to many women.  

The ACS also says that the best way for women to take care of their breasts and protect themselves is to have mammograms.  That is another issue of controversy considering that every time we have a mammogram we are radiating our breasts and that there are other natural and holistic medical articles which suggest this could do more harm than good in the long run and that mammography is not extending the life of women

A better alternative to mammography is thermography. I've also recently posted some of the latest articles about mammography and thermography on The Acid Truth Facebook page.

A few years ago, mainstream medical sources also told me that my acid reflux problem would have been cured with the typically promoted acid reducing medications.  I was told that I had Gastroparesis and needed to remove all good fiber from my diet. That was SO false!  I am forever grateful for doing my own research and finding the book Why Stomach Acid is Good for You. I solved my stomach and acid reflux problems by taking a Betaine HCl acid supplement with every one of my meals.  Big money is involved in promoting the propaganda that the majority of the adult US population needs acid reducing drugs. The fact is that our bodies need stomach acid to break down food in order to absorb nutrients properly and to keep harmful bacteria out of our system. My experiences with my stomach and digestive system are what led to me starting this blog and adding the Facebook page to complement it.  I called it The Acid Truth because the mainstream teachings proved false, and they are harming a lot of people.

Mainstream medical sources also told me that antibiotics would be the cure to my antibiotic induced colitis back in 1994. When antibiotics didn't cure me, I searched and found Primal Defense, a probiotic that did.

I was also advised last year that my cholesterol is way too high and it may cause me to have a heart attack. Psh... I've had enough of all the propaganda trying to push some pharmaceutical drug on me. I've read many articles about the cholesterol issue from the more holistic and natural side and having high cholesterol doesn't mean you are going to croak over any minute. Our bodies need cholesterol. There are more important lifestyle and dietary aspects which lead to heart attack than eating too much cholesterol or having a high reading. I'm currently reading the book The Great Cholesterol Myth. Big money is also involved in promoting the propaganda that people need to take pharmaceutical drugs to lower their cholesterol. The number of people who truly need these drugs is actually minimal.

I could go on also about the flu shot, the food industry, the FDA, GMO's, and Monsanto ... but I'll spare you.

As you can see, I am very much a non-conformist to the mainstream medical stuff. My experiences have made me that way. If my bones are broken or I need stitches, I'll definitely go see a doctor. If I need blood work done, I'll go see a doctor to get the orders. If the doctor tells me I have an illness and need some pharmaceutical drug to cure it, I'll be doing my own research and trying more natural and alternative methods first.  If the medical profession is trying to convince me that the latest and greatest pharmaceutical drug is the answer to my problems, I'll probably run for the hills!

My goal is always to educate myself on all the facts and possibilities, not to just take someone else's word for what is best for me and my body. We all must make that decision for ourselves, but it should be a very informed decision.

I suggest you read more articles about this topic and make an educated decision as you are led. There are a bunch of articles on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website about breast cancer, parabens, and aluminum. Go to the site and type "parabens breast cancer" in the search box. You'll get many links of articles to read.

You may also want to check out the sites and (The Environmental Working group)

This Natural News article may also be of interest:  The Cancer Industry's War on Cancer Cures

For my personal recipe on a low cost, natural deodorant that truly works go to my link MA's Amazing & Natural Deodorant.

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