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Email Q&A from November 22, 2013


I was wondering how long it took after beginning to supplement your HCL intake that you got relief from your GERD? I'm pinning down if my recent GP diagnosis is truly from my diabetes or is hypochlorhydria. I'm scheduling the Heidelberg test soon but am hoping to get some relief.

Thanks so much for your blog. I totally identified with what you wrote.
God bless!



Hi Steve,

Thanks for your email. 

It didn't take too long for the HCl to help me with GERD.  It was more a matter of me playing around with the Betaine HCl supplement and figuring out how much to take with each meal and what was right for my personal needs.

I have been experiencing renewed digestive problems since September and hope to write about those and what's been helping and post to my blog in the near future.  (I think high stress and drinking too much lemon water set the problems off.) 

Since it may be a while before I have time to write about it all, I will share with you that a Mastic Gum supplement (I'm using the Solaray brand) and fermented foods like high quality, organic sauerkraut (make your own with organic ingredients or buy something like Ozuke) have been an immense help this time around.  Mastic Gum and drinking lots of Kombucha really helped me, and eating the sauerkraut with my lunch and dinner meals has really kept me going in a healthier direction. 

Something else that has really helped is making sure I do not drink anything *at all* within an hour before bedtime.  That has helped me immensely.  I have to set an alarm on my phone to remind me every night to take my last drinks of water one hour before bedtime, but it sure has helped my comfort at night.  Because my esophageal sphincter does not close and allows my stomach contents to go back into my esophagus, this is particularly helpful.

Also, you may benefit greatly by paying close attention to foods that cause your GERD to worsen and completely remove those from your diet.  You can do this by keeping a food journal for a month and writing down all the foods you eat and the results you feel after eating them and see what triggers the GERD.

Did you find someone in your area who does the Heidelberg test?  If so, that is FANTASTIC!

I wish you the best in figuring things out for yourself.  Feel free to email again if you have any other questions. 

Blessings on your journey,
Mary Ann


  1. I am so happy to have found you , my symtoms and diagnosis is the same, my gastritis was soooo bad for so many years , that I thought it was neuropathy from the GP no one told me, they jut said hmmm gp should not hurt this bad.I started doing liver flushes from andreas moritz book free on line, i thought i had a bile issue due to estrogene domanice and no gallbladder, still think that is part of it, and the hypothyroid.So in the firts flush you take epsom salts and do some enames, and I passed hundreds of red thread (dead ) worms.parasites thrive in gp people, and with not pobiotics, and no digesative enzemes, they were happy to move in, turns out I have many if not all types or worms, now you would NEVER know it until you start killing, or had a stool test the MAYO never bothered they blow me off like all the other drs, 5 years of this, so when I found the worms and had to do somthing about the poss. hplori they said I did not have it, I said maybe now I do , so I started BIO-HPF BY BIOTICS it heals you lining and kill hplori and guess what else WORMS!!! Its the clove, so now my weekly enamea and 4 to 6 of these a day my gut is not so bloated and swollen, I also take INTEGRATIVE THERAPEUTICS SIMILASE SENSITIVE STOMACH ENZEMES WITH DEMULCENT HERBS TO HEAL MUCUSA.THEY ALSO LEAVE THE PROTENAS ie (bromalian papain and a like OUT due to the fact it hurts people with gastritis, it does digest protien after all and your tum is protein. i OPEN THEM AND DRINK IT IT GOOD, i CANT SEEM TO EVEN DIGEST THE CAPS,THEN NOW i FINALLY Am able to take HCL up to 3 and wow I can eat again a little, I have been getting a lump in throat feeling dosent hurt just bothersome, it could be from the new thriod meds I am on.Last 2 things REALFOODREBEL (BRENDA) AHS AN AWSOME SITE LIKE YOURS SOME OF THE SAME SITU, HAS A GREAT ALL NAURAL HERB COMBO SHE TAKES TO KILL HER PARISITES THAT ALL STARTED FROM LOW STOMACH ACID, HER STORY IS AMAZING!!!!! Last thing Dr.Issabella Wentz online had all of this too for many years and it was low stomach acid, thimean (BI_ VITAMIN ACUALLY HELPS YOUR BODY MAKE YOUR OWN HCL, IT EVEN SAYS IT ON THE BOTTEL, AND IT REALLY HELPS CRONIC FATIUGE i TAKE 5 A DAY FOR NOW PER DR.WENTZ.tHANK YOU AND i HOW THIS HELP SOMEONE.E-MAIL ME IF i CAN HELP WITH MY 2 CENTS BORNINSUMMER@GMAIL.COM PEACE!

    1. Wow Ava! I'm thrilled you've taken the time to share a little bit from your story and about the things that have helped you! I really appreciate it. It's true that many people are suffering due to parasites without them knowing, so I'm glad you mentioned it. I will have to check into some of the people and products you talked about in your comment. I love Dr. Izabella Wentz! She's a wonderful lady.

      Again, thank you so much! You have taken great care and a lot of time to do research for your own well being and I applaud you for that! I think it is so important to listen carefully to our bodies and do such research to look for alternative ways which will not do us harm in the long run like many quick fixes and drugs that are promoted today. I wish you better and better health in the days ahead. If you think of other helpful things, I'd be thrilled to know about them.


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