Wednesday, July 23, 2008

December 2007 - Stomach Pains

Finally, I begin a historical backtracking account on what drove me to creating this blog.

On Christmas Day 2007, after having our Christmas meal, I proceeded to get a terrible stomach ache. It was the kind of painful ache that I sometimes get when I eat some things I am “allergic” to. However, I had not eaten any of those things that day. I endured the pain for hours and was sure that it would pass and all would be well the next day. I was wrong.

My stomach aches continued every single day for the rest of the week. After the breakfast meal, I would be fine. But after eating lunch, the pain would slowly begin. And after eating dinner, I was in full blown agony doubled over and laying on the bed wanting to pass out into oblivion.

Prior to that week of stomach cramping, I had been struggling a great deal with acid reflux/heartburn. In fact, I had probably been having a serious problem with it for the previous year and a half or maybe longer (it’s so easy to lose track of time). I had been trying to help the acid problem with some homeopathic pills; but it wasn’t helping much. However, I did not want to get on any acid reducing medicines because of my fear of not being able to absorb calcium and getting osteoporosis.

But this problem would be ignored no longer…

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