Saturday, July 4, 2009

Armour Thyroid Reformulation

Oh my goodness! I knew there was something odd about the last prescription I received of my Armour Thyroid but had no idea of the seriousness of the issue.

Just today, a friend of mine forwarded to me some information regarding the fact that Armour Thyroid was reformulated this past spring and that people have been having all sorts of problems due to this reformulation.

I had picked up my last prescription mid-May. I purchase 30 mg tablets, and then I cut them in half. 15 mg is perfect for me to reach a normal thyroid level. When I was trying to cut my latest tablets in half, they crumbled and fell apart. Needless to say, I have quite the crumbs in this batch and many of the cuttings have been totally unusable.

Over the last couple of weeks or so I have been feeling quite physically tired and lethargic. I often want to just lie down and not do anything. Body aches and pains have increased, and I want to stop everything and rest all the time. Now…wanting to do something and getting to do it are two totally different things…but that’s another story ;-). This week I was really been wondering what was wrong with me. And I was even having thoughts that maybe I had fibromyalgia or something like that because I was hurting so much and feeling so physically tired and weak. Today, I may have just discovered a very good reason for my troubles! It could be this new Amour Thryoid formula!

If you are an Armour Thyroid user, please go to the link to get more info and find out what people have been saying from their own experiences about the recent reformulation.

Time to get thyroid levels rechecked and switch to different natural thyroid supplement.


  1. Hi. I like the information on the "stop the thyroid madness" website about the reformulation of Armour, (Janie's blog) Here's the link: She's posted about it several times in the past two months or so, and there are a lot of comments from patients which are very helpful. If you post as I did, you'll get informed about other comments.


  2. Nancy, thank you so much for the link to get more info on Armour. I really appreciate you posting it here.

  3. I just found out my compounded thyroid doesn't have T1 or T2 in it just the T3 and T4. Armour has all of the T's in it. I switched to compounded a month ago, but am not sure if it is as good.

  4. Did you ask the pharmacist what type of compound you are getting? I know that when I had mine compounded, it was actually an Armour compound. It was just too outrageously priced, and I couldn't keep buying it.

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