Monday, February 7, 2011

Essential Oils for Health and Healing

I have recently begun another blog and started a Facebook page to talk about the fascinating wonders of essential oils and how to use them in day to day health and in healing from disease.  Essential oils were successfully used for health and healing long before pharmaceutical companies were mass producing their drugs.

If you prefer to maintain your health and heal from sickness in more natural ways, I highly recommend you check out Essential Oils for Health and Healing.  Feel free to add comments on your experiences using pure essential oils or to ask questions. 

There is much information to be learned about the application of essential oils for various situations.  I am in the process of learning, as I also do my own experimenting and practicing.  As I discover new things, I will be posting what I discover and what kind of results are achieved.

As always, my hope is to help others take charge of their health and to share with others what I have found helpful.

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